Reklama internete

Internet commercials can be divided into three categories:

  1. Banners and links
  2. Contextual commercials
  3. Search Engine Optimization services

Banners and Links

Not that long ago banners were a popular type of commercial on the web. But since less and less people started noticing it, and even fewer actually click on it, banners grew ineffective. Furthermore, it requires constant spending or participation in banner exchange sites. The latter is not quite suitable for commercial projects as a potential client might see it as a need for you to earn extra money due to a failing primary business.

Contextual Commercial

Search engines offer a more advanced type of internet commercial – contextual commercial. Like Google’s AdWords service. While looking through search results you probably noticed some links in bold on the top and on the right of the screen. These are the websites of owners who ordered a contextual commercial. This commercial is also displayed on the AdWords partner websites. The owner applies a script to his site’s code, which then shows the customers commercial.

By registering with AdWords you can select key words, time, websites, and region where you want your commercial to be displayed. Contextual commercial has a great feature – it doesn’t irritate people because it only displays when someone inquires for that information. You will only have to pay for customers, who came over to your site via the commercial. The price of each banner click will also be determined by you (starting at 3ct). If any other website is using the same key words, the higher position goes to the one paying more.[cml_media_alt id='2987']seo google[/cml_media_alt]

Does it get any better than this? Yes, it does:

SEO services

All of the advantages of a contextual commercial are the same for a search system optimized website. Then why is it better? Search engine optimization services are half the price of a contextual commercial. Additionally, a considerable part of customers rely more on the “organic” search results, or simply pay no attention to a banner commercial no matter where it is displayed. This is becoming common amongst the more experienced internet users as people start to develop an instinct to protect themselves from too much unwanted information. That is why SEO can attract many more customers than a contextual or any other type of internet commercial.

More opportunities

Of course, it is possible to match together several types of commercials and in return the search engine would provide accordingly more links to your website. This also leaves less competition in the first ten spots. Or you can always order SEO for a month or two and compare the effect. With some very rare exceptions in fields where reaching a desired result could be difficult, over a period of a month ”UAB “EnterNet”” guaranties at least a Top 10 position with any query you order.

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