SEO provides services of optimizing websites for a search engine. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Public computer writing skills tests show that 63% of Lithuanians ages 15-74 more or less know how to use a computer. 64% of people living in the city and 34% provincials own a computer with internet access. A third of urban internet users have purchased goods or services on the web. Every fifth person living in the city and every sixth living outside the city is planning a purchase over the internet in the next 12 months.

By means of selected key words SEO optimization will let your website access the zone of view (the first 30 search results). The first ten (Top 10) are viewed by the majority of visitors, the second part by less than half, and the third – by less than 5%. Therefore, in order to get customers with the help of a search engine you must optimize your website.Only an optimized website will be seen on the internet

By using SEO services you will attain a steady never ending flow of customers and spend considerably less than you would with other types of commercial.We will help you achieve the best results

You can easily check the results of our work by using a website visitation statistics program. We recommend Google Analytics for its detailed and clear presentation.The results will be seen clearly and instantly

A person looking for information, merchandise, services, ext. types in a word or a phrase into a search engine. These are called key words. By doing this a person receives a list sorted by according to relativity (the most precise website will be on top). Every website owner wants Google to identify his site as the most accurate.

How is this achieved? Your website must be optimized in such a way that people would find your product when they need it. This is what people working with Search Engine Optimization do. They apply changes to the site’s contents, texts and presents data in a way the search engine “likes”.SEO Services produce only the interested customers

What can SEO services offer you?

Let’s say you own a construction business in Kaunas. Put in the Google search engine keyword tool address ( and enter a few words or phrases. I typed: “Construction work in Kaunas”, Construction in Kaunas”, “Repair works in Kaunas”.

Let’s look at the results. The right phrases are “Construction in Kaunas (880 queries per month) and “Repair in Kaunas” (1900).For a construction company, of course, a more appropriate keyword would be “construction in Kaunas”, because repairs may be cars, home appliances, bicycles, etc. Therefore, that is the phrase we choose for SEO optimization. It is necessary to consider not only the frequency of the query, but also its ability to sell. If you are in the first ten spots, your website will be visited by 704 people (80%). Unfortunately only a few of them will become customers for several reasons:

  1. Most consumers can not formulate an exact request. Maybe they are looking for information on buildings, statistics, and so on.
  2. Site design and content.
  3. Information presentation.
  4. Price.
  5. Communication with the client.

In similar cases, conversion (the number of visitors who ordered the service) is about 3%, which are 21 customers a month. Each web page can be optimized for different key words. For example the main could be under “Construction in Kaunas”, on the other write about blocks and then match the phrase “laying pavement in Kaunas” (28 queries per month). Conversion will be much higher, because the request is quite accurate. As we can see from the model above, ordering Search Engine Optimization services is truly worth it.

Seo price

Search engine optimization price depends on the position of your competition on the web, and the popularity of the search. That means if your competition has done a good job optimizing their websites it will cost more to get in front. The good news is that apart from certain areas like news, windows, and finances, there aren‘t a lot of those kind of sites.

A website‘s content, it‘s size and quality has a major influence to the price. The more unique the content the easier it is to reach better results for a lesser cost. With the new Google algorythm „Panda“, which has worsen the situation for sites lacking unique content, in most cases satisfactory results can only be attained by monthly payments. Our SEO service prices usually differ from 200USD to 500USD per month. On the other hand, by chosing this type of payment, we can guarantee almost any position on Google search results, a goal rarely completed with a one-time fee.

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