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SEO services (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) – provides services of optimizing websites for a search engine. Public computer writing skills tests show that 63% of Lithuanians ages 15-74 more or less know how to use a computer. 64% of people living in the city and 34% provincials own a computer with internet access. A third of urban internet users have purchased merchandise or services on the web. Every fifth person living in the city and every sixth living outside the city is planning a purchase over the internet in the next 12 months.

SEOpaslaugos.com, a leading SEO marketing service company in Lithuania, offers its affordable SEO services to clients nationwide. We do things differently than other SEO firms. Whether we’re the first firm you’re checking out, or the twentieth, this page will help you understand what sets us apart from the rest. If you’d like to speak with a specialist before reading on, you can reach us at info@seopaslaugos.com

The most effective way to help our clients reach their goals is by establishing a true partnership with them. You will never feel that the aims of your company differ from ours. Our holistic approach creates a synergistic relationship with our customers that no other firm can replicate. No long term contracts or steep penalties for an early withdrawal. All our relationships are based on trust and shared visions.

Our clients know we never set unrealistic expectations that cannot be met in the end. We value effective communication, honesty and responsibility as fundamental pillars of our work ethic. The more we get to know our clients, the more we manage to get consistently better services for them.


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We make our work affordable for everyone. Simply by browsing the net you will find that not great deals of website owners in Lithuania use professional SEO services. That makes our job easier and the results much better.

How are we different from others?

For a monthly payment (from 200USD) we can guaranty any desired position with an off-chance by 1-2 spots, of course.

Seo price

Search engine optimization price depends on the position of your competition on the web, and the popularity of the search. That means if your competition has done a good job optimizing their websites it will cost more to get in front.