Seo price

Search engine optimization price depends on the position of your competition on the web, and the popularity of the search. That means if your competition has done a good job optimizing their websites it will cost more to get in front. The good news is that apart from certain areas like news, windows, and finances, there aren‘t a lot of those kind of sites.

A website‘s content, it‘s size and quality has a major influence to the price. The more unique the content the easier it is to reach better results for a lesser cost. With the new Google algorythm „Panda“, which has worsen the situation for sites lacking unique content, in most cases satisfactory results can only be attained by monthly payments. Our SEO service prices usually differ from 200USD to 500USD per month. On the other hand, by chosing this type of payment, we can guarantee almost any position on Google search results, a goal rarely completed with a one-time fee.

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